Consulting Engineers, Inc


What we do

Areas of expertise:

  • Traffic accident reconstruction (pedestrians, motorcycles, cars, trucks)
  • Vehicle occupant kinematics (seatbelts)
  • Biomechanics
  • Traffic engineering design (geometrics, signing, markings, signals and lighting)
  • Sight distance analysis
  • Traffic impacts
  • Hazardous roadway conditions
  • Work Zone Traffic Control evaluation
  • Evaluation of roadway curvature
  • Traffic signal operations
  • Pedestrian safety and premises liability (includes slip/trip and fall analysis)
  • Computerized accident reconstruction and simulation
  • Vehicle “black box” data retrieval (certified)

Sample 3D reconstructions

Sample pedestrian collision

Sample two vehicle collision

Other firm activities

3-D Computer Animation/simulation

3d recon photo.png

We utilize computer software to reconstruct accidents of all types.  Mr. Aronberg is peer-review published in the field of 3D animation.

work zone traffic control

Work Zone Barricades.jpg

We have government and private sector experience in both design and analysis work zone maintenance of traffic.

event data extraction

EDR photo.png

Vehicle data recorders (i.e. the 'black box') are standard in most models today. Our firm possesses the means required to extract this data from both cars and heavy trucks involved in collisions. 

preparation of trial exhibit graphics

diagram photo.jpg

We believe that effective visuals are crucial to communicating our opinions to the finders of fact.


accident photo.jpg

We use our extensive expertise in forensic photography to document our findings and produce exhibit-quality evidence.

aerial imagery

aerial photo.jpg

When necessary, we incorporate real-life aerial photography into our animations and exhibits.

premises liability analysis

Premises liability.jpg

We are very knowledgeable on the codes and laws encompassing pedestrian safety. Mr. Aronberg serves on the Committee on Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM).